How It Works

As levels of regulations rise, penalties increase and compliance projects cost more, a proactive focus on data accessibility and analytics is crucial. RegTracker AI combines regulations into intelligent, actionable data to streamline project workflows. 

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Our methods & tools ensure that changes are detected, organized and put to work as you need.

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Save money, speed comparisons, and reallocate internal resources to higher-value tasks. 

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Detect and share valuable regulatory insights to speed up complex audits and surveys.


Custom Project Dashboard

RegTracker provides secure web access to customized regulation analytics. Define tags, trend key-terms, categories or other data needed to meet change-tracking and project objectives.

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Track Consolidated Changes

Save hours of research time with quick access to pre-organized information showing new, deleted or changed sections. Each change displays the previous and most up-to-date text and links, color coded for easy interpretation.


Search Through Combined Regulations

Research the most up-to-date versions with powerful keyword, phrase, or number search. Scroll through sections to review highlighted terms and live links.


Run Custom Reports

Extensive filtering produces flexible, customized reports. Export data to Excel or Word, create PDFs and customized printouts. Data can be fed into pre-designed project reports.


More Features:

Track changes via a single portal
Search through combined regulations
Tag data for Dashboarding and reports
Export data for project reports
Automate regulatory surveys and audits
Customize locations and user roles
Easily add new regulations
Simplify keeping up with new versions

AI-Driven Regulatory Workflow

It’s hard enough to locate, retrieve and compare often-conflicting regulations. Isolating the latest changes and integrating them in surveys, audits and other compliance projects adds even more complexity.  RegTracker streamlines workflows and drives out cost.